Waste Water Treatment Project

April 30, 2016

KBC ensures that all the water discharged to the local drainage point meets DOE regulations. In order to comply with this requirement, KBC has built an advanced chemical and biological wastewater treatment plant that enables us to treat all wastewater coming from the process units.

Throughout its 13 years of operations, KBC has upgraded its wastewater treatment plant more than once to achieve the best possible performance. The last upgradation involved the addition of a biological treatment plant that combines advanced filtration and solid contact tank technology. The addition of this new plant has further enhanced our ability to remove contaminants via microbe digestion, resulting in very clean discharge from the refinery.

To further strengthen the compliance, a third party laboratory has been given the responsibility to test the final discharge water on a weekly basis to ensure the wastewater effluent is within prescribed DOE limits.

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